December 08, 2018

How to protect your identity at its best while browsing Dark Web

Accessing a dark web site or forum is not easy as we type have access to Facebook, Gmail and twitter like websites. We have to follow certain process before getting on to dark web.
We have to download few software and configure them before opening any dark web link. There are lot of ways to do that. But similarly we have to keep in our mind every procedure has its own pros. And cons.

In this article, we will try to understand the methods like Whonix and Tails to browse dark web to see which will give the better pros and less cons if question comes about protection of identity.

Generally if we want to access Dark web, we use TOR browser. It is because we cannot have the direct access to Darknet from Mozilla or Chrome like browsers. So we download and run TOR over our regular operating system which left the browsing less secure.

For getting better security you should put a layer of an additional operation system on top of your regular operation system. 

This is exactly the situation where we will take Whonix and Tails as a solution. Both of them are operating system which resides on top of your regular operating system and allow us to browse dark web safely.

Tail is a Debian distribution that you can run just using a bootable USB or DVD disk drive. It comes with TOR package loaded inside, which sends your full web traffic via TOR.
It does not have any memory so you can save any bookmark or file. The moment you will shut down the OS, everything will be lost. 

It is a best choice for beginners to stat with accessing dark web as using it very simple and also it is freely available.

Tail will not take much time to be technical to use it, if anywhere stuck there a simple guide available for help.

If you want to roam around and doing basic stuff around the dark we then Tail will be your best choice.

The Operating System which you will currently have is itself blank because of no memory so it will wipe everything once you take it out of it.
Still some flaws remains with it, that allows malware to take advantage over your web session.

 If you want to level up your security, Qubes with Whonix  together will give you the best. Where Tails is ok for beginners, Qubes with Whonix is the proper combination for serious and regular Dark web user.

Qubes is also a reasonably secure OS which is again available for free. However for running Qubes will need a dedicated resource to run. Now for connecting to the TOR network you have to run Whonix over Qube. But make sure to shut down while you are not performing any activity over the operating system.

Whonix runs inside multiple operating systems, which is fake so its not possible to exploit any malware over it. 

If you are going to compare Tails with Whonix, I must say it will be a mistake because Whonix does not hold the same feature like Tails, where you will get option to encrypt your data.

So once you shut down the operating system every data will become encrypted and it is next to impossible to recover them back except the operating system password.

This feature will only active when you will choose the enable encryption during the installation of the operating system and it is an advice to the user the moment your job done with the OS, make sure to shut down the system properly.

Don’t forget to keep your system up to date. Make sure to upgrade your software and parched it with security updates. If you do not update your system it can be serious security threat to you. So always use latest version of software and process and happy browsing.


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