February 17, 2019

OWASP Broken access control attack

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There are many applications available on the web which has role-based access control, which has different functionalities, based on that it determines what the user can do and see. For example, an education based user portal has mainly three roles Admin, Faculty, Student and if it is a healthcare portal the role list will be larger including Doctor, Patient, nurse, admin, Pharmacist, guest user etc.

Applications those are having multiple user access role model, they should implement proper access control policies so that the users can access own content. Any breach in this policy makes the application vulnerable to insufficient authorization.

The vulnerability results when an application fails to check the user request to any content is authorized or not. Based on which level of functionality vulnerable it can be said there is a possibility to launch privilege escalation attack. For better understanding let’s try this in a practical scenario.

Lunch the multillidae web application

Goto Owasp 2017 > A5 – Broken Access Control > Insecure Direct Object Reference > Text File Viewer

This page is made for reading some article, published by famous old school hacker. But the source of these files not belongs to the web application currently we are in. It is referring to those sources from http://www.textfiles.com. It means whenever we will click on the view by after the text file selection it will go to that URL and read from there to display the content.

In this article, we will temper the request using Burp suit and instead of sending the request to textfiles.com we will try to read our local robots.txt file.

Launch the burp suite and configure it with the local proxy to intercept the web request. Now click on View File and come to burp suit.

We will send this request to Repeater Tab, for doing so right click and select send to Repeater.

In the request tab, change the textfile value to and click on Go to see the output in Response tab.

Bingo!! Now we can see the output of the accounts.txt file in the response window. It means this file is not restricted to get access and view the content. Using this method a hacker can easily go through the directory and get access to other files too. So the best practice is, implement access control on server directories and files.

Please let me know if you have any further doubt on the same and give you valuable feedback in the comment section below. Thank you for reading my article we will see you soon. Happy hacking!!


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